Grand Opening of Online Store!

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our online store. Now researchers will have fast and easy access to our first two offerings: RNAseq library kits for coverage of either the full transcript or the 3' end of the gene.

Our vision is to democratize RNA sequencing by providing innovative solutions to improve strand-specific RNA sequencing while removing the cost and time bottlenecks. Our early adopter price is only $20 per sample and, unlike other kits, this includes all required reagents: enzymes, adapters, magnetic beads, etc.


  • Strictly-enforced >99.9% strand specificity: >13X more stringent strand-specificity than Illumina ScriptSeq v2.

  • Fast and streamlined: 4 hrs total time vs. 9 hrs for Illumina TruSeq.

  • Multiplexing: 24, 48, or 96 unique indexing oligos included with kit.

  • Compatible with single-read and paired-end Illumina sequencing.

Which Kit is Right For You?

Conventional RNA sequencing experiments typically return sequence data for entire gene transcripts. Our Full Transcript RNAseq library kit falls in this category and is great for detection of differential gene expression, splice variants, exonic polymorphisms, novel transcripts, and gene fusions. 

Our 3'-Digital Gene Expression (3'-DGE) RNAseq library kit is optimized for gene expression profiling and yields one read per transcript. Therefore, fewer reads are needed per gene. This improved efficiency allows for increased multiplexing during sequencing, reduced sequencing costs, and reduced computation time during analysis.

Additionally, reads from our 3'-DGE kit are distributed around the beginning of the 3'-untranslated region (UTR). This results in better mapping for gene families: UTRs tend to be much less conserved than coding regions; therefore, 3'-DGE reads can map with much less ambiguity to the reference sequence.