New Product Launch: First Ever Dual Purpose RNAseq Kit

We are excited to announce the launch of the first ever dual purpose RNA-seq kit that allows users to chose between full-transcript and 3′-Digital Gene Expression RNAseq libraries with a single kit.

The YourSeq Dual RNAseq Library Kit is a versatile, Illumina-compatible RNAseq library kit that can be used to prepare samples for your choice of either conventional full-transcript sequencing or 3′-Digital Gene Expression. At the core of this new chemistry is the Amaryllis breath capture technology that results in an easy-to-use, 4-hour protocol with strictly-enforced strand specificity.

Unlike other kits, Amaryllis Nucleics kits include all required reagents — enzymes, adapters, magnetic beads, etc. They are available in three sizes at $20 per reaction with up to 96-sample multiplexing.

Grand Opening of Online Store!

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our online store. Now researchers will have fast and easy access to our first two offerings: RNAseq library kits for coverage of either the full transcript or the 3' end of the gene.

Our vision is to democratize RNA sequencing by providing innovative solutions to improve strand-specific RNA sequencing while removing the cost and time bottlenecks. Our early adopter price is only $20 per sample and, unlike other kits, this includes all required reagents: enzymes, adapters, magnetic beads, etc.