Amaryllis Nucleics Research GRant Proposal

Are you addressing an important biological question with an elegant RNA-seq-based experimental design? If so, we would love for you to apply for an Amaryllis Nucleics Research Grant to subsidize the cost of our end-to-end RNA sequencing service or our fast and easy RNA-seq library synthesis kits.

Until recently, the co-founders of Amaryllis Nucleics were career academic researchers. Our motivation for creating a better, more efficient RNA-seq library synthesis chemistry was to help scientists like us with large research goals and modest funding. This is also the reason we are offering this program. We look forward to reading your proposal!

Name *
An important biological question (with a brief background).
Your proposed experimental design for how to address the question using RNA sequencing (Whole Transcript and/or 3’-Digital Gene Expression).
Whether (and how) strictly-enforced strand specificity benefits your proposed study.
Whether you would carry out the experiment without this grant. If so, would it be with the same or a reduced experimental design?
Your plans for publication of the study (timeline, target journal, and how you think the RNA-seq component will improve your scientific story/impact).