We are a University of California-Davis spinoff. While at UC-Davis, we synthesized, sequenced, and analyzed several thousand RNA-seq libraries. To address the major time and cost bottlenecks we spent two years developing and optimizing a novel approach to RNA-seq library synthesis.

We take advantage of the natural phenomenon of DNA breathing to capture the 5’ adapter. This eliminates several steps which reduces the cost and time for RNA-seq library synthesis. Our technology was published in Frontiers, a peer-reviewed open access journal.

Together, we have 36 years of molecular biology and bioinformatics experience. As proponents of open science and open-source software, our motivation is to democratize RNA sequencing and make it more accessible to researchers worldwide. We want to empower scientists to make important innovations.

Brad Townsley, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder

Brad is an evolutionary and molecular biologist by training. His interest is in applied biotechnology and using biology to solve pressing 21st century problems. Brad’s work has contributed to over 20 peer-reviewed publications.

Mike Covington, PhD

CTO & Co-Founder

Mike is an open science and open-source software advocate with a background in bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and software development. Prior to starting Amaryllis Nucleics, Mike developed bioinformatic tools for next-generation sequence analysis at UC-Davis and led a lab at Rice University. Mike's scientific research has led to over 20 peer-reviewed articles and two patents.




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